- Assisting artists with their creative ideas, turning their vision into reality.

- Advising artists and individuals with specific technical processes to produce their work.

- Producing and fabricating the work to meet the clients specification.

services include...


- Sculpting in clay or any oil based clays such as plastaline, working from drawings, photos or small maquette. 

-Scaling up maquettes 

- Model-making and general fabrication i.e props, prototype models.


- Multi piece silicon skin, block and case moulds

- Silicon, terry towling and fibreglass sandwich moulds for much larger pieces

- Plaster waste moulds

- Plaster moulds for ceramics and slip cast production including block, hump and working moulds.

- Fibreglass moulds


- Cold cast metal casting (metal powders in resin) including bronze, brass, copper aluminium and Iron.

- Stone casting (stone powders in resin) including marble, slate, cement, portland, sand and bath stone.

- Polyester and urethane resin casting including translucent and opaque colours and effects.

- Jesmonite casting including stone and metal fillers

- Plaster casting

- Slip casting including porcelain

- Wax casting

- Silicon casting creating skin effects

- Polyurethane foam casting hard and soft.


 Taking moulds directly from the human body in Alginate (a skin safe moulding compound) and creating castings in various finishes such as plaster, coloured resins and cold cast metals such as bronze. Various mounting options are available.

- 3D castings and impressions of babies hands and feet

- Family and couple hand clasps

- Commission a specific life casting - there is no end to the possibilities, just come to me with your idea.


- Hair insertion into wax, silicon or fibreglass resin from human, synthetic and animal hair.

- Painting finishes on a wide variety of surfaces such as resin, silicon, wax and plaster.

-  Patination techniques – chemically treating cold cast metals such as bronze to offer a range of surface finishes such as antiqued bronze and verdegris. Waxes and translucent lacquers can also be applied to offer a wider range of finishes.